How can I save money on my cell phone plan?

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How can I save money on my cell phone plan?

by NCA Financial … on Oct 4, 2018

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Paying your monthly cell phone bill might feel like a necessary evil: You can't live without your cell phone, but you don't like the steep price of your plan. Fortunately, there are ways to save money on your plan without sacrificing the cell phone services you need.

Review your monthly bill

Aligning what you're paying for with what you're actually using can go a long way in saving money on your plan. Look at your bill to get a breakdown of your average data consumption, as well as the number of phone calls and text messages you send/receive in one month. This will help you determine whether your activity levels match your plan. If, for example, you're paying for unlimited data each month but use only five gigabytes, on average, then it might make sense to decrease the data limit on your plan. Or if you depend on unlimited data, consider ways in which you can lower the amount you use. Turn cellular data off in your app settings and connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible to dramatically reduce data usage.

Research discount options

Ask your employer or your cell phone service provider to see if you're eligible for employee discounts. Members of the military, veterans, and senior citizens may also receive discounts, depending on the provider.

Sign up for a different plan.

Most carriers offer plans that allow you to share data and minutes with others. These are often referred to as family plans, though you don't need to be related to someone in order to join your accounts. You might also consider prepaid cell phone plans, which generally don't require credit checks or contracts, and don't have data overage fees. Many types of prepaid plans are available on the market, so look at different ones to determine what works best for you.

Switch to an alternative carrier.

Before you make the switch, though, indicate to your current provider that you want to cancel — you may be offered a deal for a continuation of service. If not, keep in mind that many alternative carriers offer promotions exclusively to new customers. Make sure you know how long the promotion will last and what your monthly costs will be when it ends.

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