Relationships are Built to Last

General Business Planning

Business and professional people today must ponder many financial and legal questions. After asking friends and acquaintances, they often make a decision in exasperation based on their best guess.

A client of NCA has the opportunity to tap into the professional expertise of our entire staff. The day-to-day inquiries from our clients span a wide range and include such questions as:

  • Do I buy or lease the car?
  • Which is better, a lower price and higher interest rate or a higher price and lower interest rate?
  • Is this a good investment opportunity?
  • Do living trusts make sense for me?
  • Is now the time to finance?
  • How much should I save each year?

In addition to responding to these types of questions, we have helped clients with employment contract negotiations, lease negotiations and myriad other situations.

For more information on how NCA’s top rated financial advisors can help you with general business planning, contact us at 440.473.1115.